The HSE acknowledged that standards and processes alone are never going to be enough to keep people safe. At Reward Assured, our safety culture improvement programmes have always bought together the “hard safety” concepts of systems and policies alongside our “soft safety” human interactions such as sharing, caring, acknowledging, etc. This way of thinking led us to create The Great Wall of Safety┬« where our “hard safety” becomes bricks and human intervention (our “soft safety”) becomes the mortar that effectively cements the bricks together.

As a classroom training aid, the Great Wall has been acknowledged as a breakthrough for companies who were struggling to bring together traditional health and safety training with cultural and behavioural development. It’s also a kinaesthetic learning tool that is easily understood by people from all walks of life, regardless of prior knowledge or experience.

This tool has been so successful for our trainees that we now include a version of it in all our training courses, adapted specifically to each area. With our bespoke programmes, you receive a fully licensed version of the wall, branded with your company logo.