Our Training

Reward Assured are at the forefront of developing bespoke programmes that change attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.  We are expertly qualified, with a lifetime of experience and are totally committed to transforming everyone in an organisation into someone who really cares about their own health, safety and wellbeing, as well as that of everyone around them. Our programmes are built upon your individual needs and requirements, with an emphasis on translating your vision to all in the business. 

The training we deliver, in all of our strands, is available in the following two formats:

Bespoke programmes:

We commit to work with you over a period of time, usually 6-18 months (dependent on scale of project), embedding the strong foundations of a positive and dynamic culture in all areas of your organisation. These programmes include:

  • A foundation survey, conducted with a sample of staff from all levels & departments, to get a clear picture of your current culture
  • A meeting with senior management, to share the results of the survey and for the SMT to set out their vision
  • We translate that vision and train selected “champions” from your business in our unique style to deliver that to the rest of the company
  • We embed that vision into your company culture using your champions and our trademarked products, the Great Wall of Safety® and PAL™.

Individual Workshops:

We can deliver a range of courses ourselves to your staff. These can be half day courses up to 4-day courses in specific areas, such as risk assessment or mental health resilience, or can be more generalised.

These courses are also individually tailored to you and your company and apply our unique ability to bring together the bricks of systems, processes and procedures with the mortar of caring, sharing, acknowledging, etc.